The mission of Little Italy Endicott is to continue to revitalize the 100 block of Oak Hill Avenue and surrounding neighborhood into a vibrant economic and cultural district that celebrates our Italian heritage and welcomes residents and visitors to our businesses, events, and community gatherings.

The neighborhood known as the North Side of Endicott originated and grew from the cultural traditions and work efforts of our parents and grandparents. Although the horse-driven delivery carts and cobblestone streets of the past have been replaced by cars and paved roads, many of the original features and attributes remain. Long established businesses such as Oaks Inn, Consol’s Family Kitchen and Battaglini Bakery still produce fine Italian cuisine with recipes passed down through the generations. The ethnic heritage and traditions can bring prosperity to the community by sharing our uniqueness. The Oak Hill Avenue Improvement Corporation has proven this concept feasible and that it has a strong niche market potential. The Little Italy Endicott project will beautify the streets and the park and preserve some of its history, as well as strengthen the economy in this area of Broome County. A feast for the eyes, heavenly aromas, games to play, music to hear, and especially, great food to eat will create a pleasant shopping and dining experience. Together, we can enrich our area as well as keep what was passed on to us.